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What is coin?

G: Let's watch a movie!
B: Sure! What movie would you like to see?
G: Dunno! Let's find something from IMDB.
B: OK!
B and G open
G: This one looks fun! But I don't feel like watching sci-fi tonight. Let's put it on our Watch Later list.
B: I found a good one! But it's a bit too long. I'll add it to the Watch Later list.
2 hours later with 20 movies in the Watch Later list
B: I give up!
G: Picking the perfect movie is really hard!
B and G at the same time: If only there was a simple, easy to use command line program that would pick out a semi-random movie from our Watch Later list!

If that exchange sounded familiar, you are in the right place! Coin is a command-line utility that chooses a semi-random movie from a previously compiled list. Movies can be added by title, IMDB address or URL. This product uses the TMDb API but is not endorsed or certified by TMDb.

How does it work?

Coin puts all unwatched movies from your list into a general pool and draws a semi-random choice from there. Not all movies have the same likelihood of being selected. The probability of a movie being drawn from the pool is proportional to the movie's rating. A movie with a rating of 10.0 is about twice as likely to be chosen as one with a rating of 5.0.

Why semi-random and not plain old random?

It seemed like a semi-sensible design choice.

Requirements and installation

Coin uses json, themoviedb, colorize and trollop gems. You can install them with

gem install json themoviedb colorize trollop

Or if you have Bundler installed


There is no special installation procedure for coin. If you want to make your life easier, copy coin.rb to a folder that is in your $PATH and rename it to coin. Coin will create a database file called .coindb.json in your home directory.


    coin [action] <argument(s)>

    add, a         Add a new movie to the database. 
                   Arguments can be movie titles, IMDB addresses 
                   (<IDMB ID>) or TMDb addresses
                   (<TMDb ID>). If the title 
                   contains spaces, enclose it in double quotes
                   (e.g. coin add "Kung Fu Panda")
    delete, d      Delete a movie from the database. Arguments are
                   movie IDs (TMDb IDs) that are displayed by the "list" command
    flip, f        Get a semi-random movie from the database
    list, l        List all movies in the database
    import, i      Import movies from a file that contains one movie
                   title/IMDB URL/TMDb URL per line. Arguments are paths to text files
    url, u         Add a URL to a movie in the database. When the movie is selected,
                   the URL is opened with the command 'open <URL>'.
                   Arguments are the ID of the movie and the URL/filename
    unwatch, un    Mark a movie as not watched. Argument is movie ID (TMDb ID) that 
                   are displayed by the "list" command

Bugs, problems, questions

Feel free to use the GitHub Issue tracker for for filing bug reports. Also for questions, problems, feature requests, Christmas wishlists etc.